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A non-surgical LASIK alternative

If you want vision correction for myopia but aren't eligible

or interested in LASIK, Ortho-K may be for you. This

FDA-approved process utilizes custom-fit contact lenses

to reshape your cornea and correctly focus your vision.

Experience Ortho-K benefits

Ortho-K can be used on any healthy eyes, no matter what your age. It is the most reliable way to slow myopia and prevent future eye diseases in children and can slow the process by 40 to 60%. It's also a great choice for athletes and people who work in environments that cause contact lens issues.

Get the cutting-edge technology you need to correct your vision without surgery from the experienced team at

Vision Associates of Northampton.  

Schedule a consultation during our convenient extended weekday hours including daily, Saturday, and evening appointments.


Easy vision improvement

Treatment with Ortho-K is easy. Once you receive your custom contacts, you will wear them overnight and remove them in the morning. Your vision will remain clear the next day without the use of glasses or contacts. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this state-of-the-art technology.

See better with Ortho-K technology